Find Out Why You Don’t Always Have To Rebuild Or Replace A Faulty Transmission

Most people fear any car problem that affects the transmission problem. This is a valid fear because the transmission is one of the most complex components of your car's engine. Moreover, the average costs for rebuilding and replacing a transmission ranges from $1000 to $6000 and $1200 to $6000 respectively.

However, you don't have to rebuild or replace your car's transmission every time it's damaged. If you have access to a qualified mechanic, then there are problems that can be repaired via other means. Here are three forms of repairs that do not involve rebuilding or replacing the transmission:


Transmission leaks are not only bad for your vehicle, but they also affect the environment. Transmission fluids can find their ways into ground water and poison animals as well as plants. Causes of transmission leaks include failing bolts, loose pans and damaged seals. For example, frequent driving over a rough road can cause cracks in the transmission fluid lines when loose rocks hit the lines.

Stopping these external fluid leaks does not involve rebuilding the transmission. All the mechanic has to do is to identify the source of the leak and then reseal it. Depending on where the damage is located (whether or not it's hidden), the mechanic may or may not have to remove the transmission from the car before resealing it.


Some transmission problems can also be fixed by adjustments – either manual or automatic. For example, late model cars tend to have computer-controlled transmissions. To do this, there must be sensors connected to the transmissions; these sensors send different signals back to the computer to make the necessary adjustments. A malfunction in this part of the transmission system may require an adjustment of the relevant sensors.

An example of a manual adjustment involves the clutch. There must be adequate play between the pedal and the operating lever of the clutch; without this it will slip due to inadequate pressure. The problem can be caused by normal wear and tear, but readjustment solves it.

Replacement of Worn Out Parts

Just like other systems of your car, the transmission is comprised of different parts. Examples include seals, gaskets, gear sets, and others. Damaged parts do not always lead to a rebuild or replacement of the transmission; replacement is sometimes an option.

As you can see, you should not always shiver when something goes wrong with your transmission system. Just get the right mechanic to diagnose the issue and give it the relevant fix. Don't forget that regularly servicing the engine will prolong its life. Contact companies like Arizona Fleet Service for more information.