Common Questions About Winter Time Commerical Roof Problems

Problems with your business's roof can present a serious issue that will need to be addressed. The threats that your roof will face can vary according to the season, and while you may be aware of the dangers that a strong summer storm can pose, it can be easy to overlook the unique dangers that the winter months can bring. By learning the answers to these questions, you will be better able to keep your business safe from winter related problems.

How Can You Tell If Ice or Snow Has Damaged Your Roof?

A heavy snowfall can place a tremendous strain on the roof due to its immense weight. If the weight of the snow becomes too much, it is possible for the roof to partially buckle or completely collapse. As a result of this problem, it is important for you to inspect the roof following any major snow storm. During this inspection, you will want to look for indentations in the roof's exterior as well as signs of stress damage in the attic. These damages will include things such as cracks in support beams and the ceiling. If you discover these damages, you should contact a professional roofing contractor, such as those at, to repair this damage before it can worsen, as the next heavy snow may cause further structural damage.

Can You Protect Your Business's Roof From This Type of Damage?

While snow and ice related roofing damage is fairly routine, there are many people that make the mistake of assuming that there is not a way to prevent these issues from arising. However, you should be aware that it is possible to install roof heating systems that will help to melt the snow and ice before its weight can damage the structure. These systems can utilize electricity and heating elements to effectively warm the roof. In addition to being highly effective at preventing snow related roof damage, these systems have extremely low maintenance needs. They will only need to be inspected by a roofing contractor at least once every couple of years to ensure that the heating elements are working properly.

Protecting your business's roof requires you to have a thorough understanding about the full range of threats that it may face. In particular, appreciating the need to protect the roof against the risks posed by heavy snowfall can help you to avoid some potentially serious structural problems, which can keep your business safe as well as help you avoid major repair costs.