Does a Manual Transmission Give You Any Benefits?

If you are one of the many Americans who do not know how to drive a stick shift vehicle, you may wonder if it's worth your time to learn. The truth is, you have missed out on some things due to your lack of knowledge. You've probably had to pass on driving some snazzy sports cars because you didn't know how to properly operate a manual transmission, and you certainly haven't considered buying a stick shift model. Although the advantages of a manual transmission aren't as great as they used to be, knowing how to drive one can improve your life under certain circumstances.

Snazzy Cars

Some sports cars do come with automatic transmissions, but some of the big boys are manual transmission only. If you ever have the chance to drive certain Porsche and Lamborghini models, you are going to need your shifting skills. Of course, this opportunity may never arise, but you may not be able to drive your more modest dream cars either. Even some Ford Mustang models only come with a manual transmission. So if you are interested in the thrill of operating some sports models, you need to learn to drive a stick. 


Although vehicles with automatic transmissions have "caught up" somewhat with manual transmissions in terms of mileage, manual models can still offer you some fuel savings. In some instances, you will get up to five miles per gallon more when you drive a stick. Manual transmission models also often cost approximately $1000 less than their automatic counterparts. The advantages are narrowing, but a manual model can still help your financial bottom line. 


Manual transmission vehicles may be stolen less often than vehicles with automatic transmissions. Since many younger people never needed to drive a stick, the thieves among their generation likely never learned, either. If you have a manual transmission vehicle, car thieves may walk right past it to get to a car with an automatic. No criminal wants to make a jerky, screeching getaway when they are committing grand theft auto. 

Learning to drive a manual transmission is still worth the effort if you do not want to limit your vehicle choices. Choose someone in your inner circle who has driven a stick for years and who has limitless patience. If that person owes you a favor, all the better. Head for an uncongested area and learn how to hit all the gears. Once you do, you will be able to save money, avoid theft, and drive that Lamborghini when you get the chance. To learn more about manual transmissions, go to a website like