3 Smart Ways To Customize Your Truck

Most trucks, even new ones, are begging for customization. There is so much potential for upgrades at every turn that money is usually the only limit to what you can do. But not all customized trucks are created equal. If you want to make smart investments in your truck that will score you style points and increase the value of your vehicle, you'll need to do your fair share of research. Start by taking a look below at the three ways in which you can customize your truck the smart way. 

ECU Tuning

If you own a newer truck, chances are it has an electronic control unit, or ECU. The software in this unit is responsible for virtually everything under the hood of your truck, so tuning it - in other words, re-programming the software - is no small feat. You'll need to visit a reputable, experienced tuner who you can trust with your engine. Once you settle on a tuner, however, you can begin to reap the benefits that ECU tuning offers: increases in engine power, fuel efficiency and the redline to name just a few. Of course, some of these benefits may require you perform some mechanical upgrades first, but many truck owners will tell you that the advantages ECU tuning offers are completely worth it.


Trucks aren't especially known for their great handling. In fact, some larger trucks still struggle to handle the curves that a mountain road might throw its way. Fortunately, a good set of aftermarket wheels can improve the handling situation immensely. That doesn't mean you should go out and splurge on the pair of biggest, most ostentatious wheels you can find. Instead, opt for a set of functional, all-terrain wheels that will improve handling in all conditions. Not only will they last you a long time, but they will increase the re-sale value of your vehicle almost immediately.


Another disadvantage of trucks that many city dwellers bemoan is the lack of comfortable seating. Of course, this isn't a priority for those who use their truck purely as a workhorse, but for truck lovers who happen to have long, urban commutes, it's not a minor complaint. Luckily, a custom upholstery job can fix all that. Take your truck to an experienced upholsterer and go over all the custom leather seating options available. You'll be sure to find something that suits your taste and complements your truck's interior.

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