What To Do With An Old Car That Doesn’t Run

If you have an old car that no longer runs, you might currently be deciding what to do with it next. You do have a few options, each of which can benefit you more than just keeping it in your garage. Here are some things to consider doing with an old car that doesn't run.

Donate the Car to a Charity

The first way you can get rid of an old car that doesn't run and you have no use for is by donating it. There are a variety of different charities that can make good use of your car. Some charities will take it apart and sell the parts to put money back into their charity and help people in need. Others will repair the car and either sell it at auction for the charity, or repair it to give to a family that is in need of transportation. Regardless of what they do with it, you are doing a good service by donating the vehicle, and also getting a receipt for a tax deduction at the same time.

Recycle the Entire Car or Parts Separately

If you want to recycle the car yourself, you can do so either by recycling the entire car or taking it apart yourself, then bringing certain car parts to a local recycling center. Some places will even pick up the car if you just want it gone and want a company that recycles the car. These companies will send over a tow truck if the car is not currently running. They might give you a small amount of cash as well, just by giving them the car. Some companies take it apart and recycle the parts, while others might try to make a profit off the car if they can. It gets the car off your hands and ensures the car doesn't just sit in a junkyard.

Sell the Parts Yourself

You can make a little more money off the car by attempting to sell the parts on your own. You will need to know which auto parts sell, and which should just be recycled. For example, if you have certain parts that are in good condition, such as the transmission or catalytic converter, those types of parts often go for a decent profit. If the car is in poor condition, you might not be able to get many parts to sell individually. In this case, it is better to just try and sell the entire car to someone looking to re-build a car or get a good deal if they are good at mechanical issues.