Three Etiquette Rules To Follow When Riding In A Limo

Whether you're riding in a limousine from a company like United Limousine Service for a wedding, a bachelor or bachelorette party or have another reason to use this upscale mode of transportation, you don't need to be intimidated if it's your first time in a limo. The perks of limo riding are many -- you'll enjoy the fun atmosphere without having to worry about traffic, for example -- but this isn't a time to throw your manners out the sunroof. In order to ensure everyone in the vehicle has a positive experience, it's important to have a solid understanding of limo-related etiquette that extends beyond the basics. Here are three etiquette rules that are important to understand.

You're Not A Doorman

When you reach your destination, you might be tempted to open the door quickly and jump out of the limo. Doing so, however, is an etiquette no-no. One of the driver's responsibilities is to open and close the limo door to allow you and your group to enter or exit. When the vehicle stops, wait for a moment. It won't be long until the driver has exited the vehicle and is holding the door for you. Handling this duty yourself might suggest to the driver that you're infringing on his or her role to save the amount that you tip later on.

Not All Seats Are Equal

Within the limo, there's a hierarchy of seats that even the novice should understand. Most importantly, the forward-facing seat on the right side directly adjacent to the door is the limo's prized spot -- and best reserved for the key member of your group. This person is often the last to enter and the first to exit -- hence the convenient location of the seat. Backward-facing seats are typically seen as holding less prestige; it's always polite to consider taking one of these spots to allow your other travelers more comfort.

Tipping Is Conventional

Whether you were the person who paid for the limo or you're splitting the cost with some friends, you should know what it's conventional to tip the driver at the end of the experience. The accepted norm for tipping is to give 10 to 15 percent of the cost of the rental. If you're in charge, decide whether you wish to tip the driver out of your own pocket or whether you want to divide the tip up and have others contribute. If you didn't book the limo, show your etiquette by having some cash on hand so you can contribute to the tip.